From the Chairman

December 31, 2011
Message From the Chairman

And so we have come to the end of 2011 and Christmas and the New Year is upon us!

I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every person who has contributed to our success as a CLub this year and I know that going into 2012 you will be there. We have had a great year and made many new friends.

Those of you you who will be going on holiday, please take care, drive safely and enjoy the break and rest well. Those of you staying at home, well mow the lawn, do some painting, clean your Volvo and make sure it is ready for 2012, and also take care.

May you all have a blessed Christmas, and may 2012 be one helluva great and beautiful year!

Message FOUR:

2011 is already at the end of it’s 4th month, oh how time flies! Well so far we have a great year and we have had our fair deal of good fortune! The events so far have turned up a decent attendance, can get better though! See our resources page for a very interesting link to YOU TUBE on Braam du Plessis’ amazing 1969 122S at the Top Gear Festival, we have been invited to display some Volvos at the 2011 Rand Show, and invited by Volvo Cars South Africa to attend a Performance Day at Kyalami. The Walk to Vryheid is coming up and we are all looking forward to that event. We also aim to see if we can get 50 1800’s at the Saamtrek, and appeal to ALL members/ non members to please help to achieve this.

Message THREE:

I am currently sitting a Hotel room in Ghana up in West Africa, updating bits and pieces of the website, realising that we are just under two months away from the 2010 National Saamtrek, this year has seen it’s challenges and 2011 lays ahead. Firstly as you can see one of our stalwarths in the Club has had a multiple heart bypass surgery, we wish him well! Our display at CMH is rolling on and currently we have Edries Ali’s immaculate 164 on display.

Volvo Cars South Africa has just agreed to sponsor our newsletter for another year, fantastic! So there is alot of good and encouraging news for the Club.

Next year sees that 50th anniversary of the P1800, now this is something we have to get going, if you see a P1800/1800S/1800E/1800ES get the detail we want it as we really want to make this anniversary a BIGGGGG one! If you have contacts in the media, USE THEM. if you can get onto TV GET there! We really want to MAKE THIS EVENT BIG! So please help us so that we can truly celebrate the anniversary of a TRUE legend, a car superior to the….well can I be brave….and say superior to the….you take your pick, one great motor car and a true classic an legend.

Message TWO:

We have just returned from our 2009 National Saamtrek and the entire committee was reelected, we appreciate the vote of confidence and remain committed to take the Club to further heights. Things are working well, but I think we need to create new challenges and reach higher. I always say that the Club is there for the members, they are the most important and without them the Club does not exist. The key to success of any initiative is being involved.

We look forward to a blessed 2010, the Christmas Holidays are upon us and we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year. May 2010 prove to be your best year, those of you travelling do so safely in the safest motor car in the world. Look after yourselves and rest well. See you in the New Year and our many activities enjoy life!

I thought of removing the piece below I wrote for the website when it was launched, hey but why should I? So I leave it here for all to see and read..again and again….

Message ONE:

When I joined the Volvo Club in 2004 I started getting involved and made up my mind to make a difference, you see in life you have a choice you can be a passenger and just come along for the ride or you can decide to do some of the driving yourself. As we are all human I saw and picked up a few things that I thought should be changed and instead of moaning and groaning I got involved and changed the things I could and still struggle to accept those things I cannot change.

And this is my message to all members, guys and gals, you dont have to get involved big time or full time or in a big way, no not at all, you need to involve yourself where you feel you can contribute postively, be positive and not negative and when you do feel criticism is necessary do it constructively and positively, and even better come with a solution which is better than the one in place. We are always open to practical workable solutions which is to the benefit to the majority of our membership.

Making a difference requires a will and tenacity, will power and patience, it wont change overnight and those things we cannot change the courage to accept it and move on. We are not here for our own benefit, we are here to benefit each other, there is an ancient law that says you can only receive when you give, so if you are only here to receive and not to give I am afraid you are knocking on the wrong door. None of us are here for our own benefit alone, we are a camaraderie of Volvo owners there for each other!

The Club has done well over the last number of years due to the hard work of many members, former committee members and chairmen and we cannot let all that hardwork go to waste, we need to continue as friends, enthusiasts and fellow Volvo owners to make the Club work. I cant do it on my own, my committee cant do it on their own we need you all to push, pull, contribute and make it work.


On another note we are extremely excited to have this new website, thanks to Tom Campher Volvo (Vic and Gerhard Campher) who are no strangers in the Volvo world nor in the Club! We are excited to have them as members, that says something of the them as Volvo enthusiasts as well as their confidence in the Club – thanks guys!


october, 2018

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