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June 26, 2014
Message from the Chairman


I am writing this while we are working on the new website!

I am learning how to edit pages and add text and pictures! And what you see has taken many hours from the new developer and myself – we have been loading content and photos! I hope you like this as mush as I do and I am so happy that we have this great new website, still sponsored by our dear friends Vic & Gerhard Campher from Tom Campher Motors.

What I like the MOST is that I don’t have to send any requests for changes such as loading the membership form and then WAIT SIX months and then get told that we will be charged R350 PLUS VAT! And then with this site I load the membership form with exactly 4 clicks of the mouse and took me 5 seconds flat – R350 plus VAT for that? That means this person’s hourly rate is like R4200 per hour – most expensive lawyer I had to consult on a labour matter was R3500 per hour and he is GOOD and his turnaround time is a day or less.And when I brought this to the attention of the person at the time they refused to deal with me which was very frustrating.

We have NO unwanted ADS on our site either what a pleasure and when I raised this and posted a notice on the site that we did not ask for this, I was blocked out of editing the old site completely fortunately by then we had decided to move and do something fresh which is what you see here. A complete new look with all our old content plus more new content!

Go check out the Club News section – you can now download previous newsletters! To load it 4 clicks and no charge :)))). And there is more coming! We have a members section – you can now register and then download directly to the gallery! The hosting costs us a minimal fee per month but all worth it as we have a lot more functionality, we don’t have a 6 month turnaround time. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

It is June the first cold front has hit us and my fingers are like sticks of ice while typing this! On the history page you will see some photos (and more coming) of the first years of the Club, we will also be putting up some old brochures and more. We need your contributions/ photos and stories. Lets go big ‘cos no one is going to go home. Enjoy.


october, 2018

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19oct - 21oct 194:00 pmoct 21- 10:00 am2018 - 38th Annual National Saamtrek
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