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From the Desk of our Newsletter Editor – Eddy

Another 12 pager! 4 in a row – I am enjoying this soooo much – just wish I would get more input from some other members, the same guys over and over – kom aan maters (not bad Afrikaans vir ‘n rooinek!) Ek soek julle se stories stuur vir my gou gou. Thanks to ALL that contributed to the 2013 newsletter so far!

Hi Everyone – not often that you hear from me, and then I don’t often hear from you either…so far three 12 page newsletters have been published and sent out and I have received some feedback on how to improve it. And I hope that you are all satisfied with the look and the content. Oh yeah – if you have any suggestions/ comments or advice on how to make the newsletter better and better…let me know. My Afrikaans is not so lekker I try….ek praat die taal so biekie. I really want to make the newsletter work and a great success and can’t do so on my own. I need you!
Speaking of the content I have to say thanks to all those that have contributed so far. I would like to mention them here in the newsletter –
Articles and contributions thus far 2013 from the Saamtrek 2012: LizArd – Netherlands / SA tour, Johan Kotze – Saamtrek 2012, Tou Nel – Appreciation, Warren Hansen – Volvo Experiences part 1, Leon Spoor – Why Volvo, , Jan Steenkamp – George Motorskou, Simon van der Schans – Home made airflow unit, Hennie Janse van Rensburg – My 1969 Volvo 144s, Andre deHaan – Walk to Vryheid, Rupert Geldenhuys – My Volvo Storie, Luhan DuPlessis – Drie weke in n stoor buite Bloemfontein, LizArd – Netherlands SA reunion Holland, LizArd – Nordkapp tour 2014, Wouter Wenzel – Classic car and bike show CT, Brian Smal – 2013 Rand Show display, LizArd – Angela’s Picnic 2013, Deon van Loggerenberg – Saamtrek 2013, Tou Nel – Nuus uit die Oos Kaap. I am busy with the next newsletter and thus far the following contributions have been laid out – Gerrit du Plessis – 2 events he attended,  Potch Motor show – Howard Bates, VW Club Hill Climb – Deon Hattingh, Volvo Overheating Challenges – Tou Nel, Restoration, preservation….- Johan Kotze, Volvo Experiences part two – Vince Warren-Hansen.
In my database of future articles I have sufficient to take us to the next newsletter and then I will be dry.
What is really noted is that if we look at the contributions it seems to be a handful of people (regulars) that send articles, and there must be more out there? Vrystaat? North West? KZN? Committee members – niks nie?
How long does it take to write something? Not being a member of the Club I hope that no one takes exception or feels offended – I just think there must be more out there, there must be a wealth of information/ advice/ tips/ stories….can I suggest that the area assistants and committee members commit to at least TWO articles a year? If you agree then looking at the names – Brian – you owe me ONE, Clive you owe me TWO, Hersel you owe me TWO, Alfie you owe me TWO, De Wet & Imke you owe me TWO, Gerrit – yeah I have two from you…not a man of many words, Jaco you owe me TWO, Jan you owe me ONE, Simon you owe me ONE, Wouter you owe me ONE. Just for fun, chuck in a third one if you want to.
And then if you haven’t received your newsletters – there are a few reasons for that:
1. Have you paid your membership fees?
2. Have you checked your mailbox?
3. Does the club have your latest address?
Thanks for the time and for the privilege of being able to do this for the Club I really enjoy it!
Fax – 086 684 2976


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