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Rupert Geldenhuys

My first meeting with a Volvo was about 19 years ago – where i was posing on the bonnet of a 544 in my Christening clothes as a baby. I was lying on the bonnet of this bottle green 544 when the Volvo bug bit me. As you can probably guess I grew up in a Volvo crazy family my Father was not known as “Boet” (Brother in Afrikaans) Volvo for nothing – there were numerous 544’s, 122’s, 144’s, a64’s and recently a P1800 and a 850R.

My Father worked shifts his entire life and when he went on night shift I would then loosen the radiator. gearbox bolts, engine mountings so that when he gets home he can remove the engine. When I was in Standard 8 my Father bought me my first 122S which I had to rebuild, but alas being a youngster at the time Golf was the thing to have….so I sold my Volvo and bought a Golf.

Life happened and about 6 years ago my Father found a 1959 B16 544 and i just had to have it, it was in a reasonable condition, imported a few new rubbers and mats, fixed a few marks on it and later covered the seats, it was beautiful red 544, my pride and joy. Still not entirely satisfied I started scratching where there is no itch and I sold it and was sorry the moment it went and I immediately started looking for another Volvo, this time a 122S in original condition.

6 months later I found it. A 1970 2 door 122S which had been standing for about 5 years. Had a few scratches here and there, just needed some TLC. I was the third owner, full service history. Fixed the scratches and small dents. Imported the necessary rubbers, removed the engine and tidied the engine compartment up, chromed a set of rims and it looked a complete different Volvo to the one I bought! As they saying goes….Volvo for Life and this is my lifer story about Volvo’s.


Rupert's immaculate 1970 122 took 2nd place!

Rupert’s immaculate 1970 122 took 2nd place!

Rupert Geldenhuys

Rupert on his way to Bela Bela..

Rupert on his way to Bela Bela..



may, 2022

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