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2014 – National Saamtrek

Over the weekend of 17 – 19 October 2014 we had our 33rd National Saamtrek in Bela Bela (Warmbaths). 40 members attended the National Saamtrek and 33 attended the 2014 AGM. We had 36 Volvo’s on show of which 25 entered for the judging! Another very successful event, excellently organised with no hitches. Such a pity that the weekend went by so quickly!

After Friday registration we met up at the parking area and were escorted by Chris from Cafe Mfasa and the traffic police to Cafe Mfasa for lamb on the spit – what a evening and thanks to Chris for donating one lamb, the pap, sous and salads and for making his bushveld pub available! Saturday the photo shoot went off without a hitch, we did the AGM and then the display and judging. Prize giving dinner great company, great company and great company….and great food. Sunday we had the winner and 2nd place photo shoot.

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The 2014 Awards:

Bent Spanner Award – Clive Nolte

Most Dedicated Committee Member – Deon van Loggerenberg

Best Interior – Frik Muller (144S) / Peter Aneck-Hahn (1800S)

Bright Paintwork – Hersel Pepler (PV544)

Best Late Model – Deon van Loggerenberg (Jnr) 2010 S40 R Design

Best Modified – Gerrit du Plessis (122S & PV544)

Best Personalised 144 – Frik Muller

Best Personalised 122 – Rupert Geldenhuys

Best Personalised 544 – Rudi Schoeman

Best Standard 164 – Jack Paul

Best Standard 122 – Hennie Geldenhuys

Best Standard 544 – Yacoob Mohammed

Untouched Volvo – Boetie Geldenhuys (PV445)

Chairmans Award – Brian Smal

Top Personalised – Rupert Geldenhuys (1970 122S)

Most Original Classic – Peter Aneck-Hahn (1965 1800S)

Enjoy the photos!


Peter making his way North.

Loggies on his way – ahead of him Peter Aneck-Hahn.

Rupert on his way to Bela Bela..

En route to Bela Bela – Deon van Loggerenberg (Jnr)’s nice rare S40 R design.

Arrival at the resort.

De Leeuw and De Welpie….

There were a nice array of different wheels!

60 miles an hour??

Shaan doing the driving…


Rupert bringing up the rear.

Bela Bela hier kom ons….

Rip van Wyk’s 122.

Naeem’s nice 122 with the B23 turbo! Says couldnt find a decent car on the road to dice!

Marcel’s 123GT

Fred Hawman’s nice original 144.

Peter checking out Fred Hawman’s 122S

Boetie’s 445

Good to see Rainer Holzberg’s 122S back in the Club after his passing – new proud owner Andre van Dyk.

Volvo talk!

What a nice scene – ladies, trees, water and a Volvo!

Rip keeping the ladies happy!

Fred Eksteen’s interesting PV445.

Shanshaad’s 210 bakkie!

Gat kant….van n 445 en Fred ;))

Old stalwarth – Chris’s 164

Frik & Rupert figuring out the modified judging form.

Aidan Auret – doing his thing judging.

Deon Prinsloo – judging is hard work!

Clive at work judging.

Rudi’s 544

Yacoob’s 544

Gerrit’s PV544

The two modified winners

Frik’s winning 144.

Magda’s 1967 122S

Hennie Niehaus – nice 1800S from Rustenburg.

Andre’s nice 1965 1800S

Jack Paul’s winning 164.

2008 C30.

2010 S40 R Design 2.0l

Catching up on Admin or thinking out some prank??

Chris and Rip van Wyk exchanging old time stories..

Gerrit and Fred sharing a moment

Maze of bonnet’s

What a day!

Exel Mopani donated fuel vouchers to the value of R250 each – their flag flying high with the Club’s flag.

Rupert’s magnetic plate

Interesting Volvo Sticker – Naeem’s 122.

Yacoob and Khalil checking Rip’s 122 out.

Andre van Dyk en familie geniet dit onder n skadu boom.

Cecilia – pas kenners op…

Cyril…dink so bietjie..

The Youngest Participant..Sharnè.

Peter – not impressed…he thought he was the oldest person there…the award is for the oldest PARTICIPANT :))

Bent Spanner Award - Clive Nolte

Bent Spanner Award – Clive Nolte

The Prize Giving Dinner – food was awesome!

Best Late Model and first recipient of the CMH Bryanston Trophy – Deon van Loggerenberg Jnr.

Best Modified 122, 544 and Overall Award – Gerrit du Plessis. Stokstyf soos altyd.

Rudi – Best Personalised 544 award.

Frik Muller Best Personalised 144

Frik Muller Best Personalised 144

The long and the short of the Saamtrek is that it was a success….

Gerhard receiving his 77 piece Jonnesway Tool Kit

Chris receiving his Mopani Exel Fuel voucher.

Jack Paul – Best 164

Hennie receives his award for the best 122S – Howard finally on his knees acknowledging Volvo is superior to Opel….

Yacoob receives the award for the best 544.

Chantell Smal receiving her gift for arranging the ladies tour.

Alda Pepler receiving a gift from Henriette van Loggerenberg for her efforts in arranging the weekend’s braai and dinner.

Aidan receiving his gift for judging.

Untouched Volvo – Boetie Geldenhuys

Best 1800 – Peter Aneck-Hahn

Brian receiving the 2014 Chairman’s Award

Rupert receiving his award for the Top Personalised Volvo

Top Personalised Volvo – 1970 122S

The 2014 Trophy Winners

Peter receiving the award for the Most Original Classic.

Most Original Classic 2014 – 1965 1800S

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