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2017 – National Saamtrek

Over the weekend of 20 to 22 October 2017 we had our 36th National Saamtrek At the Aldam Resort.

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The 2017 Awards:

Most Dedicated Committee Member – Deon van Loggerenberg

Best Interior – Gerhard Campher (PV445)

Bright Paintwork – Gerhard Campher (PV445)

Back to Life Trophy – Rupert Geldenhuys (P220)

Best Late Model – Rudi Schoeman (V70)

Best Personalised 144 – Frik Muller

Best Personalised 122 – Rupert Geldenhuys

Best Personalised 544 – Hersel Pepler

Best Standard 122 – Ettienne Geel

Best Standard 164 – Fred Hawman

Best Standard PV Series – Gerhard Campher (PV445)

Untouched Volvo – Murphan Scholtemeyer (122S)

Chairmans Award – Tom Campher

Top Modified – Alda Pepler (P220)

Top Personalised – Rupert Geldenhuys (P220)

Most Original Classic – Gerhard Campher (PV445)

Enjoy the photos!


Best Personalised – Rupert Geldenhuys

Best Modified – Alda Pepler

Best Classic 2017 – PV445 of Gerhard Campher

Friday registration.

Chris Theunissen – only missed 1 Saamtrek since 1981!

Judges on duty…

2017 Best Interior – Gerhard Campher on the left

2017 Dedicated Committee member – Deon van Loggerenberg

2017 Bent Spanner – Fred Hawman.

Oldest Participant – Jan van Straaten

Youngest Participant – Gideon du Plessis

2017 Chairmans Award Tom Campher

Untouched Trophy – 2017 Murphan Scholtemeyer.

2017 Back to Life – Rupert Geldenhuys on the right

Legendary Tom Campher with his son Gerhard on the left and Aiden Auret on the right.

Rein & Brentia Botha chilling in the shade

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